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Look! I even got a certificate... 🙂

Yesterday evening I attended an Intel Education: Teachers Engage Community sponsored webinar; Using Cellphones and Scan Codes in the Classroom. After I figured out what time zone I was in (I showed up to the meeting an hour early), we got started with the meeting. We discussed the proliferation of web-enabled cellphones in our individual schools (there were about 20 teachers from across the globe) and how this would influence our implementation of these technologies. We then discussed QR codes, which I have already posted about how I have begun to use those in my classroom.

I didn’t get a bunch of earth-shattering ideas from the webinar, but I got a small taste of what it is like to share the techniques and practices I use in my class with other teachers. This has been a pretty exciting thing! I think I am starting to catch a bug! It was exciting to be able to share my experiences with other teachers and feel myself get excited about talking about how I am using technology in my classroom.  I was thrilled with helping others try out the ropes and plan unique ways to use the technology in their classrooms. I am going to be making a few deliberate steps to share my technology use with others. Here are my plans:

  • Keep using this blog, but find ways to share it with more teachers.
  • Look at how other edtech leaders are sharing their expertise.
  • Work in my own district and state to share and help implement these skills.
  • Work to build a solid Professional Learning Network (PLN) that will help me achieve this.

I haven’t formalized my PLN, but it is in the works. I am going to start this with reading Jeff Utecht’s book, Reach. I am planning a post or two as I start to get this figured out. I feel like I have started a few things that have been the basics of a PLN and it has been really successful in helping reach outside of myself and stretch beyond what I am comfortable with. Hopefully, a real PLN will be even better! Until then..


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First year High School Science Teacher (Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science), Knowles Science Teaching Fellow, Digital Educator

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  1. Babe, I’ve got to tell you something. You have had the “bug” for as long as I have known you, you just seem to become more and more and more infected. Which is awesome, I love your motivation and that you are constantly looking for new ways to make teaching more fun for you and your kids.