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How has Twitter helped you? What good is it to the world? I am far from the person who is qualified to answer this question but I will tell of my experiences as a newcomer to tweeting and more specifically its application to education. I’ve had an account on Twitter for about a year now, but don’t be duped, I’ve only been “active” on it for about 3 months. For most of that “inactive” time I fell in the “Well now what do I do?” category.


That has changed in the last 3 months because I started to find resources about using Twitter in the classroom. I started hearing of how I could use it for my own professional growth. I started to have a use for it, I even started to need it as a next step in my growth. I now have a whopping 45 tweets! I’m working on a goal to increase my number of tweets, for now I have mostly been a lurker! Just watching and reading what others have to say. I’m comfortable enough now to begin to step outside of that and become more of a prosumer.  Any one have suggestions of a number of tweets a week that might be a reasonable goal? Is there some other way to quantify this? What do you think?

I have definitely seen a growth in my own understanding and experience since I dove into the world of Twitter. I have met many powerful leaders in edtech and have gleaned many resources, ideas and perspectives from them. It has been a powerful river of knowledge and experience that I now can’t imagine not being able to tap to improve my teaching. I only hope that I can continue to take advantage of this powerful resources, share it with others and begin to contribute to the flow of knowledge and experience.


Author: londondj0430

First year High School Science Teacher (Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science), Knowles Science Teaching Fellow, Digital Educator

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