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What is that? QR Codes in the Library…


I have been working on this project for a few months now. There have been a few technical and logistical challenges to overcome but it is finally ready for the Grand Opening. Working with my school librarian we have been able to add student-written reviews to in house library books and make them accessible to students on the web and (probably more importantly) on their cellphones. We have done this using QR codes.

A couple of months back our library adopted a new cataloging system from Follett Software Company; Destiny Library Management. The most exciting thing I heard about the new cataloging system was the ability for students to write their own reviews of books in the library. I instantly saw this as a great opportunity to make the library a more collaborative and connected space.

After one quick discussion my librarian was completely on board and excited for this new challenge and opportunity. It took a little experimentation and prodding to get the first students to write reviews but we are off and running with a handful of reviews written which are linked to QR codes that have been pasted to the inside covers of the books.

This goes “live” to the rest of the district this week but I have been talking with other staff members to brainstorm some ideas to promote this among the students.

  • Chocolate – The librarian will be offering a small treat to students who write a review for a book. Can’t go wrong there…

  • Advertisement – We’ve already hung a poster about QR codes in the library but we’ll be making additional efforts to let students know what is happening and get them involved.
  • Integration – I’ve got multiple english and reading teachers who are making plans to integrate book reviews into their curriculum and more specifically integrate their classes with the library on new and different ways.
  • Education – All of my students know what QR codes are and how they work, but that is about it in the school population. Part of this process will be sharing this tool with other students and teachers.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new implementation of new technology in the larger school community. If you have more ideas of how we could expand or improve this please leave a comment!

Author: londondj0430

First year High School Science Teacher (Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science), Knowles Science Teaching Fellow, Digital Educator

6 thoughts on “What is that? QR Codes in the Library…

  1. Interesting – why not just post the reviews in plaintext, since they must be < 4200 characters… what is gained from the use of a QR code, other than two additional steps using a cell phone, etc ? Thanks!

    • Good Question! The reason for QR codes is incase additional students write reviews for the same book. With the codes we won’t have to recreate a new QR code or insert a new review in the books. Each additional review is stored at the same url.

      • I see… I thought the QR code was for the actual review, not a URL to the review.

        One other idea would be to have the QR code be an ‘active’ link to “LIKE” the book on FBook. So a scan will result in a “liking” the book on the scanning individual’s FB page.

      • Sorry, guess I could have made that more explicit. Thanks for the question!

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  3. I wanted to do the exact same thing, but how do you get a stable URL for a Follett Destiny book record, let alone a book review?

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