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Time for a New Year!

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Summer is over, it was short and busy! Schools is starting and it’s time time get back to blogging. I haven’t had a chance all summer, but lots of things have happened that I need to share. I’m adding Astronomy to my list of courses I teach (Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science). I’m refining my class projects to more formally match a Project Based Learning format after attending a great PBL workshop this summer in Santa Barbra, CA. I’ve made some changes to my classroom Google sites and how I am using Google docs in the classroom. My school is going to 1:1 iPads this year and I’ve starting working more with sharing Google Apps for Education tools and training with teachers and admins across my district.

It’s shaping up to be a busy, but exciting year! Check out this article in T.H.E. Journal from an interview I had a couple of weeks back:

Author: londondj0430

First year High School Science Teacher (Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science), Knowles Science Teaching Fellow, Digital Educator

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