teaching with the tools of a digital world


I am a first year teacher at a rural high school in Wyoming. I teach Physics, Chemistry, and Earth Science. As a high school student I was headed on two career paths, technology and education and I have found a way to incorporate both ever since. I attended the College of Southern Idaho and Brigham Young University – Idaho where I received my undergraduate degree in Physics Education with a minor in Physical Education. I was also heavily involved in a Physics Education Research (PER) group there, Research In Science Education (RISE). That shaped how I teach in many ways.
I am currently a Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF – see Teaching Fellow. This has provided me untold opportunities which has begun to help me accomplish things in my teaching career that would have taken an entire career without KSTF. It is by far the best professional development and mentoring program (and so much more) for beginning teachers available, by far – bar none.
I am currently seeking to develop and implement technology into my classroom in ways that are inventive and beneficial to student learning. Again, a great benefit to making that happen is the Digital Educators Leadership Training (DELT) program at my school, funded by outside grants. I was awarded this early in my first year of teaching and it has helped me to get tools and training that I can use in my classroom. It has also provided me opportunities to reach out to other educators in my building and beyond and begin to become a leader in connecting education and technology.

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